What we offer to Property Sellers

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We deliver a customized, personal marketing services to real estate owners, as well as creating quality relationships with our agents, partners, and discerning property purchasers; meeting client expectations with a professional, knowledgeable and approachable method.

With first-hand insights into each property, The team @ Jonathan Solomon Realty selects and markets the finest properties for sale in South Florida, managing agent & broker contact, as well as managing contracts on behalf of the owners.

We create high-quality, relevant marketing materials for each property, producing a library of photographs, videos, virtual tours and online strategies to reach the highly competitive, targeting each niche of the local real estate market. Our marketing setup & management services include: production & preparation of marketing materials (Photos, Video, 360 Virtual Tours), writing of detailed description & information, website design & development for your property, email blast for launching the property to our database of clients, exclusive distribution to selected luxury property agents & partner, online & offline marketing management.

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