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Do you need South Florida Rental Services? 

We are rental experts, a team offering years of experience and expertise. We will help with your search and alleviate the stress of moving and finding a rental in South Florida. We are South Florida’s rental experts. We offer start-to-finish services to renters, from our first phone conversation to handing you the keys to your new home. We want you to find a great place, and our years of experience will help you find the best neighborhoods that will fit your lifestyle, whether it be close to the beach in Hollywood or the heart of Fort Lauderdale.

Our first step is to set up a phone conversation so we can get to know you and your rental needs.


Why should you hire a rental agent? 

We are the experts. We have many years of rental broker experience. We know South Florida, the rental market, the property managers, private owners, and the nuances of South Florida neighborhoods. The South Florida rental market is extremely competitive, and our experience and professionalism will give you an edge in finding your rental home.


Are you moving to South Florida? 

Are you planning a trip to South Florida prior to your move, potentially spending a hectic week or weekend in a hotel, and crossing your fingers to find something in the few days you are here? Do you have the time and budget for a rental finding trip to South Florida? Whatever your situation, we can help.

The South Florida rental market is competitive and moves fast. Our virtual tours and services make finding a rental an efficient and successful experience from start to finish. Whether you decide to tour options in person or virtually, we can make the entire process easier so you can focus on the rest of your move. It is more cost-effective to hire an agent who’s already in the know, can do the searching, and work for you, even from afar. We make your entire renting experience and transition to South Florida a breeze.


Already a South Floridian, or SFS-South Florida Savvy? 

You know what you want, you know there is competition, let us give you a professional advantage so you can get what you want. Let us handle the searches, scheduling of tours, and follow up. We know you are busy, and we can make this entire process more efficient for you. Our industry and real estate connections will give you an advantage in this tight market. We minimize your search time and help you secure your next home.


Need help finding the best neighborhood that meets your individual needs?  

South Florida is an area of wonderful neighborhoods with distinct personalities. As rental agents, it is our job to find the perfect neighborhood that is right for you and your lifestyle. Are you a bike commuter, car owner, or walk-aholic? Do you require gourmet coffee or craft beer within a certain radius? Have furry friends? Love the nightlife, or prefer peace and quiet? We find the neighborhood and home that’s right for you. We will not waste your valuable time on ones that aren’t.


Your time is valuable. 

Searching for a rental is time-consuming and can be a full-time job. Lucky for you, it is our full-time job. If you’re searching from afar, working late, have a busy life, or have to find a new rental quickly, a rental search takes a lot of time and energy. Your time is valuable, and so is your peace of mind! Hiring a rental agent is a cost-effective way to find the best rental home for you as efficiently as possible.


Make a great impression. 

Let us help you be prepared, so when you find that perfect place, you are ready to make it your new home. Our experience and professionalism help set our clients apart and helps make for a smooth application process. By hiring Jonathan Solomon Realty, professional rental agents, you are showing a potential property owner/management company that you mean business.

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